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美白淡斑 sh-DNA(mirTyro)

The following interception from academic



SL Lin et al., "Mir-434-5p mediates skin whitening and lightening", Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2008:1 p1935


SL Lin, JS Chen et al., "MicroRNA-mediated skin lightening


An innovative cosmetic approach", Household and Personal Care Today - n 2/2009 p22-p24

What is sh-DNA(mirTyro)?

Mello Biotech is the founder of two biotechnology Dr. Shi-Lung Lin Ph.D  (University of Southern California School of Medicine professor) and Shao-Yao Ying PH.D should Dr. Shao Yao (former Harvard University) developed, long engaged in cancer treatment studies, the successful use of the 2006 Nobel Prize Winner biomedical mechanisms RNA Interference (RNAi- RNA interference), developed for the inhibition of melanin whitening effect has significant patent -sh-DNA (mirTyro). (1,2,3)


sh-DNA (mirTyro) & sh-DNA (mirHA) found

Micro-RNA molecules authoritative leader Dr. Shao-Yao Ying and Dr. Shi-Lung Lin, the study Intronic microRNA (micro molecule RNA) used in cancer treatment, was found on the skin of mice was used as a positive control group of mir-434 -5p significant difference in improved specificity of mir-434-5p, can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin of mice. After verification by the heavy security, validity test, can confirm the ingredients used in the skin care, so the specificity of the silent Tyrosinase (tyrosinase) and TRP-1 mir-434-5p named sh- DNA (mirTyro), and specificity of the silent Hyaluronase (hyaluronic acid enzyme) mir-434-5p named sh-DNA (mirHA). (1,2,3)


sh-DNA (mirTyro) of the body's natural machine turn

According to the British academic journal Pigment Cell Research said, the key color is the most important control within skin cells tyrosinase and TRP1 content analysis of micro RNA molecules through the skin colored race, and identify the key factors to control the body color sh-DNA (mirTyro), it is like a key, to switch and regulate the content of specific proteins within cells, comprehensive regulatory signals TRP1 and tyrosinase, tyrosinase inhibitory concentration of key generation and TRP-1's from forefront prevent melanin to long-term maintenance whitening effect.

The study found, TRP-1 can control the size of melanosomes and melanin tyrosinase enzyme required with order after coloring; the melanin is gathered from a number of melanin formation attached to the melanosomes. If the inhibition of tyrosinase and TRP-1, will reduce the melanosomes and melanin, melanin can not be generated. (1,2,3)