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幹細胞抗老 iPS cell extract

The following interception from academic


Lin et al., (2008) MiR-302 reprograms human skin cancer cells into a pluripotent ES-cell-likestate. RNA, 14: 21152124.  


Lin et al., (2010) MicroRNA miR-302 inhibits the tumorigenecity of human pluripotent stemcells by coordinate suppression of CDK2 and CDK4/6 cell cycle pathways. Cancer Res., 70: 9473-9482.  


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What is iPS Cell Extract(mirPT Cell Extract)

Exclusive high concentrations induced stem cell extracts (induced Human Stem Cell Extract), exists only in human embryonic stem cells beneficial skin polysaccharide micro RNA molecules and containing more than six different classes, excellent anti-aging effect. (1,3,5,7)

iPS Cell Extract

US Patent network component microRNA, is the use of the degree of inhibition of translation of mRNA to make the definition, since the different types of microRNA is to suppress the target mRNA via RNA interference (RNAi),

It can be widely used to convert microRNA concentrations. Merlot biotechnology laboratory use for many years in molecular biology and biochemistry research experience and knowledge of microRNA currently Merlot biotech-related patents used ingredients

Activity is defined according to the following concentrations:

Such concentration is calculated to be widely used in the international arena, is common in health food vitamin denotes a unit IU (International Unit), that is, using the same principle as defined in accordance with its activity out. Calculated on the basis of weight or volume of the two commonly used on the calculated concentration compared to, IU is active for the calculation of the benchmark, so they can fully express the biologically active content can produce. The following according to vitamin A, for example, showing the variety of different derivatives IU of conversion:

1 IU  Vitamin A 

= 0.300 μg Crystalline retinol 

= 0.344 μg Vitamin A acetate 

= 0.550 μg Vitamin A palmitate 

= 0.358 μg Vitamin A propionate


= 1 USP Units(USP)

Knowledge Sharing:
Cosmetics market concentration commonly used notation is, the percentage of the total volume of final goods or the total weight of the active ingredient accounts, in%, this rule is often calculated based on the total volume of the sources of the raw material or the total weight of the active ingredient to do calculations, andIt can not be a true reflection of the exact content of the active ingredient itself